Throughout career have proposed solutions to research and financial questions, where others have only posed problems.


  • For ‘BrightonRock’ (a highly innovative Startup to insure defined benefit pension funds against the risk of sponsor failure) served as Company Secretary and (prior to the appointment of a financial adviser) led investor liaison, using my investor contacts. Also led political lobbying, using my political contacts.
  • Hired as sole European Economist at RBS. This was a very challenging assignment given the size of competitor teams. I prioritised and my output was highly regarded. Slowly persuaded management to devote more resources and built a team of four people.
  • At CSFB managed a team which included an economist in Budapest and an economist who spent long periods in Moscow. Overcame all the management/language problems this entailed.
  • My work on unfunded pension fund debt was highly innovative and led to an invitation from Frank Field MP to be a pro bono Special Adviser to the House of Commons Social Security Select Committee.