The Science and Technology Category in London
Low Pay in London
The 2014 Living Wage in London (co-author)
Migration and Commuting (co-author)
London Labour Market Projections (Co-Author)
Single/Double Summer Time: The Time Is Right for London
Scenarios, planning and economic outlooks (Co-author)
GLA: Employment Forecasts for London
Employment projections for London by sector and trend-based projections by borough (Co-Author)
Employment projections to 2031 (Co-Author)
Institutional Investment in the UK: Six Years On – A Discussion Paper from the NAPF
Employment and the Hidden Debt (CSFB, 2003 – cited many times in academic literature) available on request
A Quarterly Small Monetary Model of the UK (Bank of England Discussion Paper No 14)

And many others. Full list available on request.

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